Enjoy Jar – 4 compartment container

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Sold By: : PureDNA
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Brands:: Enjoy jar

Product Description

The Enjoy Stash Jars are designed to enable herbs or dried flowers to be kept separate within the same stash jar. The enjoy jars are smell proof and have a rounded base so you can completely empty your jar without having to tip it upside down! Each jar is approximately 8cm tall and 20cm diameter.

A High Times recommended product this jar is lightweight and unlike a glass stash jar is very strong and less likely to break as its made from polycarbonate.

Product Features

  • Polycarbonate construction – very strong
  • Completely Smell Proof
  • Separates  Herb into 4 compartments
  • Handy Size 8cm x 20cm dia
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Enjoy jar

Enjoy Jars

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